All Tile Mosaic pool | Tucson, Arizona

Bixenman Palladio​

Venetian OASIS
in the Tucson Desert.

This Home features an All Tile Mosaic pool Inspired by Venetian Architect Andrea Palladio This Pool features 4 Hippocampus which are Sea Horses in Greek Mythology. The Contrast of the Dark Marino Glass Tile contrasting the Monochromatic design of the Acanthus leaves and venetian borders makes for a Unique Custom All Tile Mosaic pool.

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Bixenman Custom Hand Drawing Design for All Tile Mosaic pool

Hand Drawn Designs

People often forget that all art was originally hand drawn versus done digitally, Although we use a blend of both depending on the project. We see this is becoming far and few in between when it comes to taking the time to draw something. Our Mosaic Studio marries both traditional drawing and digital design to come up with the best solution for the project. 

Final Product

For all its long history, the extensive use of tile in swimming pools has remained an exotic luxury in the minds of many homeowners.

But those days are in the past, and mosaic glass tile has revolutionized the way builders finish pools and spas. Elaborate designs, Greek Key Borders, shimmering designs, and an extensive array of possibilities greet homeowners hoping to turn their projects into Masterpieces like the Custom All Tile Mosaic Pool Above.

Custom All Tile Mosaic Glass

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