Gradients | Blends

Examples of Gradients and Blends

Create your own custom gradient tile Blends using any combination of colors and finishes from our Glass tile lines. Select from horizontal, vertical or gradated from center gradient patterns. The most successful gradients use two to four colors. All of our glass tile is paper faced which makes for the best contact with mortar or epoxy. Call us to work with someone on creating a Mosaic Blend or Gradient. 

Mosaic Blends and Gradients

Gradient Bathroom going from Dark to Light

Gradient Blends

Gradients can play a huge difference in bringing colors into a design with graduation. 

Mosaic Blends or Gradients can be installed on floors or vertically on interior and exterior surfaces and is especially suitable for swimming pools. The size of the tesserae and the frequency of the joint means the surface has inherent slip resistance. Although the mosaic glass tile is Vitreous (waterproof), this does not preclude waterproofing the foundation in swimming pools and similar applications.

Mosaic Blends

We can design a mosaic tile blend for your kitchen backsplash, shower, swimming pool, fireplace, or any other area in your home or business.

We have created beach like entrances for pools along with custom shells and sea life. When you mix a blend or gradient and add some iridescent tile to the mix it really does pop in the sunlight. 

Custom Mosaic Blend or Glass tile

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