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Best Mosaic artwork Projects

San Diego Airport Mosaic Mural Section of Installation at San Diego International Airport Ode to Venus


"Day at the Beach" San Diego Airport

The Mosaic Glass and Marble Mural Measuring 38 Feet Long and 6 Feet Tall in Terminal 1 Holding Room at San Diego Airport is a Masterpiece of Mosaic Art. The Colorful Panoramic Beach Scene Depicted in This Abstract Mosaic Artwork is a Testament to Our Expertise in Crafting Stunning Mosaic Murals.

Mosaic Mural

Gulf of Mexico Bird Sanctuary Mosaic

Bring the Beauty of the Gulf Coast to Life with Our Commissioned Mosaic Artwork. Our Skilled Artists Captured the Majestic Birds and the Tranquil Landscape of the Gulf of Mexico in a Stunning Mosaic Creation.

King Fisher Mosaic work in progress Kitchen Backsplash
van gogh mosaic work in progress


Afternoon Rest (after Millet)

Experience the Beauty of Vincent Van Gogh’s Masterpiece in a Whole New Way with Our Smalti Glass Mosaic Mural. Our Talented Artists Recreated the Original Painting with Intricate Detail and Vibrant Colors, Bringing This Timeless Work of Art to Life in a New Medium.”

Kitchen Backsplash Mural

A Walk in the Orchard

Bring a Touch of French Charm to Your Kitchen with Our Commissioned Mosaic Mural. This Intricate Mosaic Depicts a Beautiful French Woman Strolling Through an Orchard, Adding a Touch of Elegance and Beauty to Your Backsplash.

Hasson Kitchen Mosaic Mural work in progress.
Mosaic Mural Work in progress with Rendering


Mosaic Scene from the Bible

Bring the Stories of the Bible to Life with Our Mosaic Artwork. Our Commissioned Mosaic Depicting the Biblical Scene of Mary Magdalene in John 8:7 is a Masterpiece of Mosaic Art, Fusing Religious Symbolism with Stunning Artistic Detail.

Residential Mosaic

Dolphins Mural from the Queen's Megaron in Knossos

The Dolphin Fresco on the North Wall of the Queen’s Megaron is a Replica of the Original Mural “Dauphins de Knossos.” This Mosaic Artwork Brings Ancient History to Life, Transporting You Back to the Days of Ancient Crete.

Queen's Megaron of the Palace of Knossos installed 2

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