palace of knossos

Dolphins Fresco recreated as a new Mosaic

Queen's Megaron of the Palace of Knossos Mosaic

Dolphin frieze, Palace of Knossos

Dolphins were revered by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and given prominence in works of art. A well-known early depiction is this frieze in the

Palace of Knossos, on the island of Crete, from 3,500 years ago. 

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Queen's Megaron of the Palace of Knossos work in progress complete section

Final Mosaic Complete

Details of the original Dolphin Fresco Mural at Knossos Palace can be seen here  

Combining dolphins, fish and sea urchins it’s one of Knossos’ most distinctive frescoes. It was restored by the artist Piet de Jong between 1922 and 1930.

A replica of the fresco is displayed over the door on the north side of the room. The original reconstructed fresco is on display at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum in Crete.

Sample Mosaic of Dolphin Fresco

This is the sample we created for the client so they could see the color we would be using for the mosaic  

Queen's Megaron of the Palace of Knossos sample mosaic

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