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Glass tile and Blends, gradient mosaic blends, venetian tile, Marble stone and Byzantine smalti are different mediums that we use to create. 

Mosaic Tile and Blends

Contact us so we can make a custom blend today. Need some inspiration and not finding anything here? check out more inspiration We would love to discuss your current project you are working on. We have made many different blends for different projects. You can view many of our projects in the menu above. If you look at our projects, this will give you an idea of different blends we have created for our clients. 

The materials we have used to create mosaic border have been usually using venetian glass tile. These borders can range from 6 inches all the way up to 24 inches depending on the project size etc. In some projects we have created larger pool borders that feature the border as a decorative piece. 

Please look at the Nero Project to see an idea of a blend mosaic pattern. Also check out our FAQ.

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