Best mosaic glass tile

Some of the Glass above may need to be special order and is not in stock. 

BEST Hand Made Mosaic Glass Tile

Below is the process of making 24k Gold Mosaic Glass

Glass tiles are made by heating sand and other chemicals, then cooling them rapidly, it is usually transparent or translucent depending on which oxides are used to make the final product. We take pride in the Mosaic Glass tiles we use in our Artwork.

Work in Progress

Drawing of the Subject

We usually draw or are provided a drawing by the client and we discuss the style of the mosaic and which medium we will use.

custom mosaics in progress

Under Construction

Once drawing is created digitally or physically we the Mosaicist will choose the colors for the mosaic in order to achieve the final result. This is an example of a mosaic created with Smalti Glass.


Example pf Mosaic smalti execution

Smalti Works

The picture to the right is created using mosaic smalti glass which starts off as sheets of glass and then is cut into smallter 3/8 pieces of glass and is used to create Mosaic artworks. We have access to over 1000+ colors and tones in smalti. so you can imagine what is possible when making a smalti mosaic artwork. 

Smalto Works

The picture to the right is a entire pool project using vitreous glass tile also known as Smalto Glass. The smalto glass was used to make all the designs in this pool. Colors are limited in Smalto but their is still quite a lot of colors to choose from to make mosaic art work for any project such as pools, spas, kitchens, bathrooms and much more.

Mosaic Pool in Cota de Caza


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