Mosaiclegs Art Studio 
specializing in hand made mosaics and Design

Custom GLASS Mosaic Artwork


We take your design or inspiration and will create something custom and unique for your Pool, Spa, Kitchen, Bathroom or Mural.


We hand cut and assemble your mosaic with attention and precision, we also update you throughout the creation with pictures and videos of our progress.


We have a team of installers that are professional artisans that have over 25 years experience in installation of glass and marble mosaics.

Mosaic Turtles with Monochromatic coral scene
Abstract Mosaic Mural of Color Theory


Mosaiclegs specializes in Architectural Mosaic Design. Our mosaics have been widely specified for commercial and residential swimming pools, artistic murals, hotels, airports, and interior and exterior applications throughout the world.



Our Byzantine Style Mosaic studio preserves the ancient techniques of the handcrafted mosaic decorations using both Byzantine glass, Vitreous Glass and Marble. Our graphic computer center introduces modern techniques to translate images and their interpretation into colorful mosaics.

Mosaic of Viking face in Smalti Glass

Our Projects

Every project we take on is a unique experience for our team. We take in many factors when designing for you the client.

Inspired in dialogue along with photos and digital designs we bring them all together to create a unique design for every customer.  

“Mosaics are the most durable picture that exist. Other paintings fade through time, but mosaics continually brighten with age.”


Giorgio Vasari 

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