what is marble mosaic tile?


The Wave marble mosaic tile backsplash

Marble Mosaics have been being created as long as history has been recorded.  mosaic wall tile, marble honeycomb mosaic wall & floor tile


Queen's Megaron of the Palace of Knossos Mosaic

Recreation of Queen’s Megaron, palace of Knossos, Crete, Greece. Minoan civilization, 18th-15th century marble mosaic backsplash not using your typical marble mosaic tile square

Queen's Megaron of the Palace of Knossos Mosaic
Mclain Mosaic Marble Carpet


Mclain Mosaic Marble Carpet

Marble Mosaic Carpet Entrance, inlaid with smalti glass mosaics in blue hues marble mosaic tile floor


MODE project

Custom Marble mosaic Floor Medallion, marble chevron mosaic tile and hexagon marble mosaic tile

Marble Mosaic work in progress


English Tudor Splendor

Custom Marble mosaic Pool at a English Tudor style home in Los Baños honed marble mosaic tile and tumbled marble mosaic tile

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What is the difference between mosaic and marble? Marble Mosaic Art work is unique and a method that has been being used for centuries, and can be found in museums and architectural digs all around the world. Marble mosaic designs have been being used in homes, public art and decorative landscaping for centuries. Mosaic borders are popular but also murals recording events or scenes from history was popular way of recording an event. This isn’t  marble mosaic tile home depot sells.

Marble Mosaic tile comes in a limited color range often earthy tones and limited in availability depending on location and amount. Even though in some instances marble mosaic tile can be found in unique colors such as blue, red, green and yellow, The contrast and brightness pales in comparison on the vivid colors of glass mosaics where pigments are used to accentuate the colors of mosaic glass tile palettes. marble honeycomb mosaic wall & floor tile marble mosaic floor and decor