what is marble mosaic tile?


The Wave marble mosaic tile backsplash

Timeless Beauty of Marble Mosaics

Marble Mosaics have been a timeless art form for centuries, used in both residential and public settings. Our team specializes in creating stunning mosaic wall tile and floor tile using the finest marble, including our signature marble honeycomb mosaic wall & floor tile. Each piece is a unique work of art, crafted to bring beauty and elegance to any space.


Queen's Megaron of the Palace of Knossos Mosaic

A Masterpiece in Marble Mosaics

Our team was recently tasked with creating a custom marble mosaic backsplash for a luxurious bathroom. Inspired by the Queen’s Megaron at the palace of Knossos in Crete, Greece, this masterpiece of the Minoan civilization was brought to life with our intricate marble mosaic design. The result was a breathtaking tribute to the rich history of mosaic art, behind a stunning custom bathtub.

Queen's Megaron of the Palace of Knossos Mosaic
Mclain Mosaic Marble Carpet


Mclain Mosaic Marble Carpet

A Grand Entrance with Marble Mosaics

For a grand entrance, our team created a stunning marble mosaic carpet inlaid with smalti glass mosaics in blue hues. The beautiful marble mosaic tile floor was designed to make a lasting impression on all who enter the space.


MODE project

A Custom Marble Mosaic Floor Medallion

A custom marble mosaic floor medallion was created for a client, incorporating both marble chevron mosaic tile and hexagon marble mosaic tile. The unique design was inspired by the client’s personal style and brought to life with our team’s expert craftsmanship.

Marble Mosaic work in progress


English Tudor Splendor

A Custom Marble Mosaic Pool

A custom marble mosaic pool was the centerpiece of a recent project at an English Tudor-style home in Los Baños. Our team utilized both honed and tumbled marble mosaic tile to create a luxurious and elegant outdoor oasis for the client. The Tudor-style spa added a touch of sophistication to the already stunning pool, while the unique baja shelf in the middle provided a functional and visually appealing element. The result was a stunning and functional outdoor space that the client will enjoy for years to come.

Marble Colors

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The Difference between Mosaic and Marble

What sets marble mosaics apart from other types of mosaics is their rich history and timeless beauty. Marble Mosaic Art has been used for centuries in museums, architectural digs, and homes, and can be found in a variety of designs and styles. Marble mosaic tile is often available in earthy tones, but can also be found in unique colors like blue, red, green, and yellow. While marble mosaic tile offers a limited color range, glass mosaics offer a wider range of vivid colors created with pigmented accentuation, making glass mosaic tile a popular choice for those looking for more vivid hues.

Expertly Crafted Marble Mosaics

Our team sources only the finest marble mosaic tile, including our signature marble honeycomb mosaic wall & floor tile, to ensure that each project is a unique work of art. Whether you are looking to add elegance to your home with a marble mosaic floor or decorate your walls with a marble mosaic backsplash, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.