About Mosaiclegs Art Studio

We work with a variety of Materials including Mosaic Smalti Glass, Natural Stones, Vitreous Glass and River Rock. We preserve old world methods in designed married with modern technology in order to accomplish something truely unique.

Behind the Scenes

In this picture you can see a huge  variety of Smalti glass, We have over 1000+ colors and tones in Smalti glass which means possibilities are endless. 

About Mosaiclegs

Mosaic Family

We have been working with mosaics for over twenty years and we love what we do. We always look forward to our next project and everyone has been a unique experience for us all. 

Miguel Ocampo

Miguel has been creating mosaics for over 17 years. He Travels the world to give lessons to other mosaicist around the globe. He loves to travel and enjoys a good Beer and Hanging out with friends.

Head Mosaicist

Joe Ureña

Joe has been working with mosaics for over 20 years, Loves to travel, spend time with his Wife Veronica and friends, loves cooking, especially pizza, Eternal Optimist and Lover of all things.

Creative Director

We all come from different walks of life, different journeys, and different backgrounds but our legs have all led us to this world of mosaics which we truly love and breathe and we are sure you will agree when you see the final products.

“ Beautiful mosaics are made of broken pieces ”

Lori Jenessa Nelson

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More Information

Mosaiclegs specializes in Architectural Mosaic Design. Our mosaics have been widely specified for commercial and residential swimming pools, artistic murals, hotels, airports, and interior and exterior applications throughout the world. Home Owners, Pool Builders and Architects call us or contact us above today for a quote! 

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Mosaic Smalti in Boxes ready to Bag and put away.

Full Color Pallette

Colors are never ending, that’s one thing about Mosaiclegs, We love color and variety, as they say its the spice of life.

Custom artwork

When  you commission Mosaiclegs to create a mosaic for you, its not just a surface to cover an area, but its Fine Art. Here is an example of Public art we created for San Diego International Airport.

Work in Progress of a Face of Triton done for Younan Properties

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