Mosaic Wall Art of the
Afternoon Rest (After Millet)

ode to Van Gogh

Van Gogh Original Reference

The composition is taken from a drawing by Millet for Four Moments in the Day.

Original Painting : 1890

Remaining faithful to the original composition, even down to the still life details in the foreground, Van Gogh nevertheless imposes his own style upon this restful scene which, for Millet, symbolized rural France of the 1860’s. The customer really loves Van Gogh and wanted something special so we created this Mosaic wall art for them.

Final Product

More Information

details of mosaic feet on van gogh mosaic mural

all in the Details

The mosaic wall art takes on a style called Opus palladianum know for its kind of crazy pavings following the main images. Van Gogh definitely has a mosaic style to his painting which is why he is one of our favorite painterswall 

The Mosaic mural installation was set in a frame completed by one of our Good Friends, Michael Grandaw of Studio Steel in Riverside, California.  

STUDIO STEEL is a Metal Art studio specializing in welding and metal fabrication. We are a family owned business located in Riverside, CA. 

Mosaic mural frame by Studio Steel

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