Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic ART

Walk thru the Orchard

Kitchen backsplash mosaic of women walking through a Orchard work in progress

Amazing attention to Detail and design in this Kitchen Backsplash using Mosaic art mural

If you look closely at the image to the left and the gallery below you will see how uncanny the mosaic art is to the real life person. This is an example of the type of detail and quality we can create at Mosaiclegs Art Studio. 

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Kitchen backsplash mosaic of women walking through a Orchard details

Mosaic art Progress

When we create a mosaic art for you this is the type of image you can expect to receive when we send you updates of your project. This is a Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic art in progress. Having a Mosaic is a great covering for a Kitchen Backsplash.  This is one of many mosaic art projects we are very proud of making.

Mosaic Glass art in smaller patterns and seemingly offer more bang for your buck. Depending on the range of mosaic art supply – this can be an easy way to turn your kitchen space into a work of art. We make tile art mosaics using stone mosaic art such as Marble. We also create  mosaic art drawings from your idea that you are inspired by. 

What do I need for mosaic art? Because its the most difficult medium to use to display an image and it will always outlive us and can be passed on from generation to generation. 

Mosaic Art Concept

This is the concept we gave to the customer with our drawing in the background and the super imposed picture of the clients picture in the foreground. This ultimately became the rendering for the final mosaic art in the Kitchen backsplash.  History of Mosaics is very interesting and yet mysterious since many times we don’t know why art was made, who commissioned it and what inspired the actual mosaic design. 

Kitchen backsplash mosaic of women walking through a Orchard Drawing

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