Mosaic Glass Pool on naples bay

mosaic Glass Pools in Florida

The Naples area is home to several unique home and swimming pools, but this has to be one of our favorites in the area. The Italian design is simple venetian filigree with accents of real 24k gold mosaic details on the flowers and without the design.  The Mosaic Glass Pool stands out against the mustard stucco of the home. 

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Valdes Details of Fabrication

Mosaic Fabrication

The Mosaic fabrication was completed with smalto vitreous glass tile. We used a monochromatic style they we love and feel it really lends to applications such as these.  
Monochromatic color schemes provide opportunities in art design as it allows for a greater range of contrasting tones that can be used to attract attention, create focus and support legibility

Gold Details

This pool features small details of 24k gold mosaic that is used to give a nice contrast to the design in order to catch light from the sunlight or pool lights at night. Gold details are similar to other pools we have done and the famous Roman Pool at Hearst Castle. 

Details of Mosaic Entrance steps

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