Greek Style Pool and Grecian Architecture

The Dahlia House

Gwiz Dahlia Pool during daylight

Amazing combination of Greek style pool with modern architecture

This Outdoor Greek Style pool area was designed by Lewis Aquatech Pools in Chantilly Virginia, This pool has gotten so much accolades from the pool industry and public alike. This All Tile Mosaic Pool has a Greek Key Border on all the Steps and Benches of the Pool, It also has a Greek Key Border on the floor of the Swimming Pool along with a Mosaic Wreath in the Middle with a Letter N.  

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Baja Shelf Mosaic with Greek Key Border

Baja Shelf

A Baja shelf is an expansive shallow-water step that serves as an entry point into a swimming pool. Typically, the shelf is submerged 8-16 inches.

A Baja shelf may also be called a Baja step, Acapulco shelf, tanning ledge, Shamu shelf, shallow reef step, thermal ledge or a sun shelf.

It is a scaled-down resort feature that adds functionality to residential pools for bathers of all ages. The Shelf is complimented with a Greek Key Border around the edge

Greek Key Border

In ancient Greece, the Greek Key was a symbol for ‘infinity’ and the ‘eternal flow of things’. This is an obvious association, due to the pattern’s unbroken, continuous style. 

Today, the Greek Key is known to symbolize ‘eternity’ and ‘unity’ because of the continuous line pattern. In this Pool the Greek Key Border is featured around the waterline and on the Pool Floor. Call us today to have us design your own Greek Style pool. 

Greek Key Border mosaic color choices

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Grecian and Roman Pools

Grecian Shaped Pools are said to have a classic look that started with a basic rectangular shape but with truncated or “cut off” corners. This shape can best complemented by architecture and backyard garden areas that have a classical theme. Although a bit pool area is lost cutting off corners.
While today above you see a swimming pool shape with a Roman Grecian concept. The roman shaped pool is said to be described as another classical design that starts with a rectangle but adds semi-circles at the pool’s ends and sides.
Grecian are usually rounded as well. The semi-circles are good places to add steps. Pool Designers show how the Roman and Grecian theme combination can come up with another remarkable design of Roman Grecian shaped pools as above.
At the end of the day the best shaped swimming pool will match with the landscape of the area where it will go.  If you have a certain theme in your home the shape of swimming pool can definitely complement your home with a perfect match.

Greco-Roman Architecture

There are 5 orders of classical architecture – Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, and Composite. They were all named as such in later Roman times. Greek architects created the first three and hugely influenced the latter two which were meshed rather than genuine new styles. 
The Corinthian column, invented in Athens in the 5th century BCE, is similar to the Ionic but topped by a more decorative capital of stylized acanthus leaves and fern leaves. 
Acanthus leaves are used a lot in Greco-Roman design and we love to use them a lot in our designs as well, especially when its Italian or Greek based architecture.
 Much effort was put into making temples in prominent positions and, using sophisticated geometry, architects included optical ‘tricks’ such as thickening the lower parts of columns, thickening corner columns, and having columns ever so slightly lean inwards so that from a distance the building seemed perfectly straight. 
This pool sits below a Building with fluted columns that have a Grecian style and make the sitting area almost reminiscent of a ancient temple.