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Martillo and Contra

Mosaicist use a variety of tools but these are the main ones

Smalti Color Wheel

We have over 1000 colors and tones.

Hand-Drawn Designs

Using a mix of old world traditions and new, we create renditions of your project.

Mosaic in Progress


Details of Progress

Close up of mosaic in process
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  • Gorski Mural Bottom

  • Younan Mosaic Steps and Border

  • Gorksi Mural Top

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The Mosaic Process

Mosaiclegs specializes in architectural mosaic design.
Our mosaics have been widely specified for commercial
and residential swimming pools, artistic murals, hotels,
airports, and interior and exterior applications throughout the world.

Our byzantine studio preserves the ancient techniques of handcrafted mosaic creation using byzantine glass, venetian glass, marble, and river rock.

Mosaiclegs begins the process by discussing and creating rendering/digital layouts of the project or design.

Once a design is chosen we will create a sample board of the mediums and colors for the clients review and approval.

Once colors and design have been approved by the client we begin the fabrication process which we will continually update you with images of your project underway.

Inquire about your idea.

Examples of our Work





Current Projects

  • image All smalto tile custom mosaic pool in a blend of three colors, Infinity, Lagoon and Mediterranean. Read More

    Lurhs Pool Project

  • image Smalti is made by mixing molten glass with metal oxides for color in a furnace; the result is a cloudy mixture that is poured into flat slabs that are cooled and broken into individual pieces. The molten mixture can also be topped with gold leaf, followed by a thin glass film to protect against tarnishing. During the Byzantine era, Constantinople became the center of the mosaic craft, and the use of gold leaf glass mosaic reached perhaps its greatest artistic expression in the former seat of the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia.Traditional smalti tiles are still found today in many European churches and ornamental objects; the method is also used by some present-day artisans, both in installations and fine art. In the 1920s, mass production methods were applied to Smalti tile manufacturing, which enabled these tiles to find their way into many middle-class homes. Instead of the old method of rolling the colored glass mixture out, cooling, and cutting, the new method called for molten liquid to be poured and cooled in trays, usually resulting in 3/4 inch chicklet-type pieces. Read More

    Byzantine Glass

  • image Mosaic of Vincent Van Gogh's Afternoon Rest. Read More

    Afternoon Rest Mosaic

  • image Fort Lauderdale Country Club Mosaic Read More

    Custom Golf Course Mural

  • image All tile custom pool in Coral Gables, Florida Read More

    Valdes Venetian Glass pool

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